The New 2019 Honda Passport: Car for the Entire Family

Honda really knows what fans want and you can see this in the latest 2019 Honda Passport, which is a two-row 5-seat smaller car when compared to the Pilot. The new Honda Passport made its debut at the LA Auto Show 2018 a few days ago.

This new car is based on the same technology as the Pilot and the Ridgeline pickup, though the Passport has a distinct look of its own which sets it apart from the pack and tells fans that this is a new generation for Honda.

Take a look at the Passport from the front and you’ll see that the chunky grille dives down into the front bumper. Also, lashings of sturdy cladding makes promises to protect the car safe from off-road spree all day long.

There is a contoured hood with a memorable face; arching daytime running lights around multi-segment main lamps, guarded jealously by front-side strips. This car is full of not just promises but also a promise of supreme practicality.

Inside the car you will find no third row of seats but you will also find that there is plenty of legroom both in the front and back seats so you can travel far without getting unnecessary pain in your leg joints.

You will also adore the dashboard of 2019 Honda Passport is sizable touch screen infotainment system and a large digital display for the driver. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will also be included while features like wireless phone charging, embedded LTE with Wi-Fi hotspot and a blind spot warnings are optional.

This looks like a car for the family as everything looks strong and perfect for all kinds of family as the Honda team must have clearly had in mind. Looking at the trunk of the 2019 Honda Passport, one seems to believe more that yes, this Honda Passport is indeed built for families. Check out the trunk and you will see evidence of that focus. If you lift a panel under the trunk floor inside the 2019 Honda Passport car you will also see more clearly that this car is indeed made for the family.

We will see how things turn out as Honda is said to be launching a range of accessories for the 2019 Honda Passport car.