Beat for Eminem’s MGK diss-track ‘Killshot’ originally made for different rapper

Eminem (Left) and Machine Gun Kelly (Right).

Beat for Eminem’s MGK diss-track ‘Killshot’ originally made for different rapper

One of Eminem’s beat makers, IllDaProducer, has spoken to Genius about the making of “Killshot”, confessing the song was not originally written for Eminem.

The 46-year-old rapper released “Killshot” in September, in response to a track called “Rap Devil” released by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

In “Rap Devil,” MGK took aim at Eminem with lyrics calling him a “dweeb” and saying “you’re not getting better with time, it’s fine, Eminem, put down the pen”.

The rapper was quick to respond in his own track, and producer IllDaProducer said that he sent Eminem a handful of beats the morning that “Rap Devil” was released.

But he also revealed that the chosen beat was originally made for British rapper Giggs.

“I realized it was going to go to Eminem the morning that MGK dropped ‘Rap Devil’.”

He said he had wanted “the hardest beats possible” for Eminem, and had worked with Giggs to produce some “mean, gritty, grimy” beats just a little while earlier.

“I hit Giggs and he told me what beats he used, he didn’t use that one [‘Killshot’].

“I sent it to [Eminem] right away.”

IllDaProducer said he had been a fan of Eminem for a while and was “forever loyal to ‘Em’.”

“Em changed my life,” he said, “if you’ve got a problem with him, you’ve got a problem with me.”

“Killshot” had the biggest rap debut in history, entered the Billboard Hot 100 at 3, and the video has now been watched on YouTube over 188 million times.

MGK’s “Rap Devil” has been viewed 160 million times.



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