Amazon Opens its Machine Learning Courses to the Public

People can now be a be a part of Amazon learning courses because the company has opened it up to the public. Information available online says that this is not what the company planned from the very beginning.

Amazon had created something like this previously. Its first supported machine learning back in 2015, which started in USA, reached out to the UK and other EU servers after a few months since inception back then.

Previously, the course was available to only the company’s internal engineers. Now anyone from any country who is interested can have a part, the company revealed.

The courses number 30 in all, and they are all self-service and self-managed, all available totaling 45 hours across four groups which includes developers, data scientists, data platform engineers, and business professionals.

These days, there are very few Amazon retail pages, products, fulfillment tech, stores, which have not been improved through use of machine learning in one way or the other. Each course, it is stated, starts with fundamentals and builds on those through real world examples and labs. These allow developers to explore machine learning through some fun problems that engineers at Amazon have had to solve in the past.

Some of those soft challenges include predicting gift wrapping eligibility, optimizing delivery routes, and predicting entertainment award nominations using  data from IMDb, and Amazon subsidiary.

The coursework are a part of all modules and they are designed to consolidate best practices, demonstrates how to get started and a range of AWS machine learning services which include Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepLens, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and also Amazon Comprehend.

Anyone who completes any of the relevant modules can lay hold on a new AWS Certification for Machine Learning. However, this is subject to a final exam, which is offered at half price for a limited time.

Furthermore, Amazon emphasized that the courses are free but end users are only responsible for the services they use during the training and of the final examination. Those at the AWS re:Invent can sit the exam this very week, it was revealed.

The courses themselves are free, with end users only responsible for the services they use during the training, and that aforementioned exam. If you’re at AWS re:Invent, you can even sit the exam this week, if you’re ready.

Courses include the following:

  1. Demystifying Machine Learning
  2. Exploring the Machine
  3. Learning Toolset
  4. Seeing Clearly: Computer Vision Theory
  5. ML Building Blocks